Bad Skin? That’s So Last Summer!

It’s finally summer—that means beaches, amusement parks, and hikes with the whole family. Now is the best time to fall in love with your body again, starting with your skin.

For men and women alike, acne, eczema, and psoriasis can be embarrassing and can keep you from doing the things they love out in the sun. When you head to the beach this summer the last thing you’ll want to do is spend the day cooking in long sleeves.

Fortunately probiotics can be a natural solution to clearing up recurring skin issues. New Studies by the American Academy of Dermatology show probiotics work to clear your skin by creating holes in bad bacteria and killing them. This is beneficial in clearing up skin irritation that is caused by inflammation from harmful bacteria.

Additionally, there is evidence that suggests the gut is linked to the brain as well as the skin, making probiotics effective in treating stress-related acne as well. Recent studies show that patients taking probiotics containing Lactobacillus are able to clear up their acne and rosacea symptoms more effectively than the control group.

While more studies need to be done to come to an absolute conclusion, it is understood that probiotics containing good bacterial cultures are helpful in promoting general wellness as well as healthy skin. Many people have seen drastic improvements in their acne and rosacea while taking probiotics in combination with their general routine. So as summer rolls around, make sure you’re eating your daily cup of yogurt or taking your oral probiotics so you don’t have to worry about covering up with shorts and makeup.

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