Beat the “Back-to-School” Plague


 It is that time of year again. The kids are headed back to school, parents are back to carpooling, and germs and bacteria are ready to accumulate. The season of sickness is upon us and in addition to your flu shot you should make sure to protect you and your kids as much as possible.  Throughout the school year, elementary school students come down with about eight to 12 colds or flus (  So how do we fight the “Back-to-School” Plague this fall?  

  • Avoid drinking from water fountains: Think about all the mouths and germs that accumulate on the drinking spout per day. It is better to be safe and send your kid to school with a reusable water bottle to avoid the direct contact with the fountains.
  • Get enough sleep: It is recommended that growing kids get 10 to 11 hours of sleep. Sleep deprivation lowers the immune system’s strength, making it much easier to catch a cold or virus.
  • Be active: Even if it’s just 30 minutes of play time outside or taking a family walk with the dog every night, that movement will help to build strength and make it easier to wind down at night and get those hours of rest that is needed.
  • Wash hands correctly: A little rinse or a squirt of hand sanitizer is not going to effectively get rid of all the germs that gather on our hands throughout the day. The best method is to rinse for at least  20 seconds with soap, clean between fingers and fingernails, and thoroughly dry them afterwards.

Take Smart Kids probiotics: Give your child one chewable Smart Kids Activprobiotics per day to improve immune health, promote healthy development and a healthy digestive system. These benefits will help reduce the number of days you and your child have to call in sick.



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