Check Your Pants at the Door

This summer we want you to check your pants at the door. With some probiotics, exercise, and self love you’ll be on your way to resurrecting those sexy shorts you thought would never see the light of day again.

We at ActivHealth think we have just what you need to get you on your journey to breaking out your teenage wardrobe again: your very own bottle of Energize probiotics.


Energize contains vitamin B12 to give you the extra boost of energy you need to recover from this afternoon’s burrito and get hype for your adult soccer game after work. Each pill is all natural and contains ten designated bacterial strains that promote daily energy and brain health.

Every bottle of Energize provides you with 10 bacterial strains that are key in getting the most energy out of all your meals. You’ll really feel that B-12 boost as you elliptical off those pesky 5 pounds you hated last bikini season. Or when you notice yourself grinding through a slow afternoon at work with no naps on the horizon. Your 4PM sluggishness is perfectly normal, but with a little probiotic support you’ll never have another useless afternoon spent in fetal position browsing Instagram explore page again.

Ever since I started writing for ActivHealth, I’ve been taking an Energize tablet every afternoon. I’ve noticed some really drastic results in the last few months. These days I have no trouble digesting the mild Indian food I generally can’t stomach. Not to mention my increased motivation and improved attitude towards my work and coworkers alike (you’re welcome, guys).

The most exciting one is the physical results I’ve started to notice. My skin is clearer and my workouts seem to be more targeted (I feel and look a lot more toned now).

Not only can ActivHealth probiotics help you to maximize your workout by minimizing the presence of free radicals in the system, but they’ll also boost your metabolism so you can burn as many calories as possible.

On the days I work out I don’t feel nearly as sore after exercising and my body burns more fat. Plus I feel way less guilty when I indulge in a midnight snack (usually ice cream out of the tub but who’s judging).

So if you’re like me and can’t go 20 minutes without craving string cheese or a bag of chips (and sometimes a couple extra beers on Thursday evening, sorry mom), then you probably need the daily support of a probiotic to keep you regular throughout the day and help you burn off the extra calories.

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