How to remove indigestion from your carry-on!



 After getting the time off, reading all the tour guide blogs, and booking the best flat on Airbnb, the last thing you need is your perfect weekend getaway to be hindered by indigestion. Stress of travel, change in eating habits, and dehydration all contribute to the constipation, diarrhea, and bloating that often comes along with us on our vacation. How can we leave these problems behind and enjoy our vacay indigestion-free? These are a few ways to help you achieve ultimate vacation mode:

  • Pack probiotic supplements and probiotic-filled snacks like yogurt and berries to prevent the indigestion before it even starts.
  • Stretch or descend into a downward dog every so often after a lengthy car ride or flight. Not only is this beneficial for your muscles, but also helps movement in your gut and stomach.
  • Drinking water is one of the easiest, yet often easily forgotten, ways to stay regular while traveling.
  • Avoid the processed and sugary foods you often opt for at the airport or the gas station to tie you over during travel. We know it’s convenient, but try and plan ahead of time with healthy on-the-go snacks like kale chips or dried fruit. You will be way less likely to fall into the trap of eating sodium-heavy snacks that can contribute to indigestion.
  • Adventure and enjoy. No matter the destination, you deserve the vacation and your gut health shouldn’t stop you!


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