Burgers, Booze and IBS?

No matter how your family celebrates the 4th of July, tradition calls for some good old fashioned American cooking. Whether you’re camping in the woods, having a picnic at the beach, or enjoying a backyard barbeque, you’re probably indulging in the classic American spread of burgers, hot dogs, ice cream, and beer.


If all of that sounds like a digestive disaster to you, we have some good news. You’re not alone - there’s a simple solution to your junk food induced indigestion. Probiotics are the Patriots to your gut’s Redcoats.


Greasy food, alcohol, and dairy are arguably the best part of attending your family’s holiday barbeque. But if you have IBS, these same foods can wreak havoc on your gut for days to come (hardly patriotic at all).


So instead of spending your Fourth of July avoiding these traditions, take a dose of probiotics! The most effective means of delivering probiotics to the gut is in pill form. Probiotic-enriched foods and beverages are rendered useless by the time they reach your gut because of acids in your stomach designed to kill live organisms.


By taking a pill that delivers a potent, protected dose of probiotics to your gut, you’re both fortifying your gut’s line of defense against invasive bacteria, and helping it break down tough and fatty foods.This boost minimizes the inflammation that causes digestive problems throughout your day. So if you want to be able to eat all the hotdogs you can stomach, prepare your intestines with a healthy dose of probiotics in advance.

Celebrate our country’s independence like you always have. This year, don’t let the fear of indigestion keep you from spending the day eating the foods you love. Reach for that last Budweiser without dreading the next day’s stomach ache (it’s our gift to you). Cheers!

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