Inside Our Probiotics

ActivHealth probiotics are produced

with the most advanced technology on the market

and the highest quality ingredients.

Our patented technology


Gives our probiotics 15x the

strength of our competitors’



Keeps bacteria alive and

shelf-stable until they

reach your gut

The ActivHealth BIO-Tract Difference

BIO-Tract protects the live probiotics in our tablets from being killed by stomach acid by forming a protective layer around them when the tablet hits your gastric fluids.  

This allows 15x more bacteria to survive than our competitor’s capsules, giving our 10 billion bacteria colony forming units (CFUs) the effectiveness of 150 billion CFUs.

Our Probiotics are shelf-stable so they can fit to your lifestyle


LiveBac is a patented manufacturing process we use to freeze-dry our probiotics, keeping them alive and shelf-stable so they can effectively populate your gut.  

Take these probiotic supplements on every adventure, so you can eat what you want, when you want it, without worrying about indigestion or needing to keep your probiotics refrigerated.


Easy and on the go

Restore your natural intestinal health with one ActivHealth probiotic tablet, easy to carry and store

Only one a day

Our technology gives you all you need in one tablet, compared to three of our competitors’ pills

Scientifically proven benefits

Our strains were hand-selected to rejuvenate your health, learn about them on our Science page