We started
ActivHealth to
help you get you
back to living

Our goal is to use the

latest technology to

get back to our roots-

an active and healthy


Somewhere between college and retirement, we stop living

We all know the story. We’re never quite sure when or how it happens, maybe it was that bellyache from the newest restaurant or the cold from the family ski trip, but the health issues start piling up and we start restricting ourselves. Our gut gets weaker and weaker, and we think it’s called aging. But scientific studies have recently demonstrated that many digestive and immune issues come from an imbalance in gut bacteria, which can be solved by replenishing your intestines with good bacteria, called probiotics. Potent brands like ActivHealth help to naturally restore your gut, easing your stomach pain, so you can try cool new restaurants again, and boosting your immune system, so you can dust off your skis and start planning another family adventure.

Leverage our
technology to
better your health

In the past, technology tended to promote an unhealthy lifestyle. We drove our cars to work, where we would sit in front of a computer to complete our tasks, then we would order fast food for a quick lunch. While convenient, in terms of health, it feels like we’re going backward. At ActivHealth, our goal is to reverse this, using technology to promote a healthier lifestyle, by identifying the best strains, ingredients, and processing methods for our probiotics, and sharing it with the world.

All natural
ingredients, third
party verified, and
made in the USA

We at ActivHealth first decided to make the safest, most potent probiotics to boost the health of our own families. Only the strictest tests would do, to ensure we were creating a product that could truly benefit those we care about. Now, we’re sharing that product with you and your families, so we can all get back to truly living.